Ethics and transparency: we serve the legal, contractual requirements, act with integrity, respect the moral principles and we communicate our policies and results clearly.

Performance excellence: we seek continuous improvement and quality control related to studies, promoting high performance environment and ensuring reliability in data collection and analysis.

Entrepreneurial spirit: is our initiative as an organization that seeks incessantly and agility, for new opportunities and innovative solutions before the problems and needs of the market, ensuring the implementation of strategies aimed at the growth of Flamoil.

Respect for life: it means that we will not compromise under any circumstances, security and respect for life. People are more important than results and material goods. If necessary choose, choose life.

Respect for diversity: the perception of others as equals, respecting differences and promoting competitive inclusion; It is to see the differences opportunities for integration and evolution.

Economic responsibility, social and environmental: recognize and act in the sense that these dimensions are always in balance, in order to promote development and ensure environmental sustainability